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The processing of scrap tires yields several components, 1) tire treads, 2) side walls, and 3) bead wire.  The tire treads are used in the manufacture of the Tire Block leaving the side wall to be processed.  Bead wire is removed from the side wall and chopped for ease of handling and recycling with the sidewall granulated yielding crumb rubber and fluff.  The fluff is compacted and recycled as scrap plastic.
Tire Block
The standard Tire Block (U. S. Patent 6,268,035) is made from recycled scrap tires and are assembled in Metamora, MI.  They are shown in a mounting block configuration for use in an equestrian environment.
Mounting Block
When the tire blocks are stacked in a pyramid fashion they can be used as a mounting block.  There are many advantages over plastic or wood stair steps.  Order form.
Arena/Playground fill
5/16" ground rubber can be used as arena or play ground fill.  This significantly reduces the chances of injury during a fall.  Just pour 4" of crumb rubber in your play ground area and let the kids run or about 1 part crumb rubber and 3 parts sand for your horse arena.  Buying crumb rubber directly you avoid the high expense of the more fancy products.
Crumb Rubber/Mulch
Products available
- All wire free, black only, fluff removed.
  • +1/4" to -3/4" - pic
  • -3 mesh - pic
  • -5/16  - pic
  • -10 mesh - pic
  • -20 mesh - pic

    Description of crumb rubber grading (the technical stuff):



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