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TireBlock - Click for larger image       - Three tire blocks in two high stack -

U. S. Patent 6,268,035

The TireBlock can be used as an equestrian mounting block.  Any height is achievable by simply stacking additional TireBlocks in a pyramid configuration.  The typical tire block is 8 inches high, 24 inches in diameter, and weighs approximately 100 pounds.  Moving the TireBlock is accomplished simply by tipping on edge and rolling.

Key Benefits

  • Inert as defined by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (pending)
  • Heavy - No need to anchor to ground (but can be)
  • Won't accidentally tip when bumped
  • Rubber construction is safe for use around horses
  • Not effected by rain, snow, freezing, or dust
  • Available in different heights
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mount block from either side
  • Plenty of room on block for instructor assistance
  • Horse Friendly - No need to remove from arena at night
  • Moveable yet not portable

Additional Information

Block Size Tire blocks vary in height from below 6" to above 10" with most approximately 8" high. You can specify the height of the blocks if you want smaller or larger steps in your mounting block.
Weight A typical 8" tire block weighs approximately 100 pounds.
Stability When the tire blocks are stacked the shear weight keeps them in place. When stacking higher than 24" additional stability is suggested by driving a 2" pipe through the center of the block into the ground below or driving large staples/rods directly through the blocks.
Relocating Simply tip the block to its edge and roll.
Availability Pending Department of Environmental Quality approval for scrap tire use. You will be contacted when the Tire Block becomes available.

Pricing (per block)

Height SKU # Price
8" TB-8 6.50
other sizes 5"-12" TB-? Email

TireBlocks are sold in increments of 0.25" in thickness.  Specific heights available are dependant on scrap tires processed.

Custom diameters available.

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