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Our Mission

To minimize the energy required to recycle a scrap tire (automotive) allowing the entire process to be mobilized in a standard semi-trailer if needed.

Company Profile

We are in the process of developing the manufacturing process to yield several products primarily focusing on the Tire Block.  The tires are disassembled, treads are measured, and tire blocks are assembled by hand.  Each tire block is 24 inches in diameter and as thick as the scrap tire treads are wide ranging from 6 to 9 inches.

In addition, scrap tire hauling is also available on a regular basis or call when needed.  Scrap tires are recycled into bead wire, tire treads, and -5/16" - 10 mesh crumb rubber.  If you need scrap tire hauling services please follow the services link at the left to the hauling page or simply give me a call.

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U. S. Patent - Please feel free to give me a call for patent licensing information.
Scrap Tire Hauling - Registration Number: H-4-40-0571(Michigan)
WDS ID Number: 476434 (Michigan)

Contact Information

The best way to contact me is via email or telephone in the evening.

Robert Carpenter
Owner - Tire Block Co.

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1127 Kile Rd, Metamora, MI 48455
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