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Reuse Approval Requested

Tire Block - Scrap tire reuse

March, 2007 DEQ changes Part 169 to allow tireblock made from tire tread pieces.  Now considered a commodity.
March 11, 2004  Reuse approval documentation was finalized and submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Mr. Duane Roskoskey will be the person in charge of the approval process.
June 14, 2004 The tire block was not approved by the DEQ.  They had two questions regarding marketability and durability.  Mechanical testing is underway.  A sales flyer will be available shortly. 

eBay Listings

October 20, 2005 Item #7720829919, "Crumb Rubber for Equestrian Arena (50lb bag)" listed with an initial bid of 5.50 per bag.


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